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Title: Auction 79
Sale number: 79
First Day: 13-Jun-2022
Last Day: 13-Jun-2022
This is an online-only sale, bids can be placed before the auction with the auction house and with our live bidding service during the sale. There is no room/floor auction for this sale.

Sale information 9:30 Uhr Los-Nr.
- 40 Antike
- 378 Altdeutschland
- 428 Münzen des Kaiserreichs
- 487 Notgeld
  488 - 518 Weimarer Republik bis DDR


14:00 Uhr
  519 - 542 RDR
  543 - 760 Ausländische Münzen und Medaillen
- 1292 Medaillen
Title: Auction 80
Sale number: 511
First Day: 14-Nov-2022
Last Day: 15-Nov-2022
This is a floor/room auction with public attendance and live bidding over the internet. You may attend the sale or bid live online using our live bidding service.
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