Live Bid by Redpoint, the effective live bidding system.

Live bidding services for auctioneers

For auction houses interested in using our services, we are pleased to offer a package to suit your needs. You will find our service is well respected in the industry, offers a number of good back-office features and is familiar to many clients. Contact one of our representatives to discuss the matter further


In Europe you can contact Frederic Jaquet, who is based in Switzerland and has years of experience with many of the major auction houses.

You can reach him at:

North America

In North America you can contact Michael Johnson, who is based in Santa Rosa, California. Michael has provided services and software to hundreds of auction houses, through his own company, M.K.J. Associates and we are pleased to have him represent us in the USA.

You can reach him at:

Head Office - England

If you prefer to contact us directly, we are pleased to take your enquiry. We are continually looking for new clients and will be pleased to assist you.

You can reach us at:

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